The goal of our research is to explore and build the next-generation hardware based on post-CMOS emerging devices, e.g. memristors. From top-down, we examine the existing algorithms and determine the most crucial task to accelerate with our hardware. Examples include but not limited to matrix multiplication in A.I./machine learning tasks. In the meanwhile, we optimize and characterize the device performance, including their nonlinear dynamics, and build novel circuit/architecture/algorithm from bottom up.

The followings are example topics. If you are interested in joining us (as research postgraduate (e.g. Ph.D., MPhil.,) students, research assistant, postdoc) and would like to know about the on-going topics, please feel free to contact me at

1. CMOS compatible memristor device integration and nanofabrication



2. A.I./Machine learning hardware accelerators based on emerging devices.



3. Novel application, circuit, device, and their co-design.